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i’m trying to find a style that really works with my work schedule right now so i can draw what i want without rushing myself. time’s been crunched for me, this is the type of style i sketch a lot but i’ve never uploaded before because it takes a lot more time than i like. i’ll probably get more art like this out soon, it’ll just take a while. until then enjoy very simplized art forms.

i really enjoyed the episodes where we got to see these alternate dimensions if Twilight and friends didn’t win the day or learn a certain lesson at certain points in the show. some seemed silly to me (i think we got a flash where flim and flam had been tearing up the ground of the apple orchards? that seemed like a silly OH NO reality, more like a well crap reality) but then I got the idea. if starlight and twilight were able to travel through these dimensions, that introduces this whole new magic to these dimensions. if any of the villians noticed how twilight hopped in and out, wouldn’t they try to replicate that magic and use if for their own gain? nightmare moon wanting to spread eternal night everywhere, dimensional control of equestria for sombra, ultimate love sources for chrysalis? it really stuck with me

for blue diamond, traveling to alternate equestria’s would be to find celestia so he could bring the sun back to equestria. he’s by no means a good guy, his parents became comfortable working under nightmare moon, and he enjoys his work as a night guard, but eternal night means eternal darkness. he’s only heard of the sun from his parents in a good light, while they are taught in school of the evil queen celestia and her ball of fire. for him, traveling to the dimension we know to find celestia, would be to bring light and happiness back to a land missing it, and proving to ponies who have no idea or forgotten the sun that it isn’t a hellball created by a demanding ruler. he’s not so much doing this out of the good of his heart, excluding seeing his parents happy again. but he would more so be doing it to prove he was right to the ponies who believe nightmare moon’s lies about the sun. he’s a total ass, and is very headstrong about his beliefs and ideas, especially when he knows he’s right.

for mud pie, traveling to alternate equestrias would be to save the resistance and defeat king sombra. (to me it doesn’t make much sense why applejack would still be working on the farm instead of the battlefield, i always saw her as the middle man. not quite soldier but not quiet supplier, a mix) her parents met on the battlefeild and mud pie was only born to keep the resistance alive. that’s the only reason ponies breed anymore, to keep the resistance going. there’s no more love or joy, it’s all sort of a mechanical pace. you’re born, your parents don’t hug you, you find your place in the system and you either fight till you die, sew till you die, or farm till you die. she doesn’t want to fight till she dies and she knows that if they utilized stronger magic tactics they’d be able to defeat sombra. she believes if she can travel to this alternate equestria that we know as canon, she can find the fabled princesses of love and magic and their combined strengths would be enough to kill sombra and bring the land back to it’s fertile status. she’s not very smart and very stubborn, but she’s easily hurt too, especially considering she wasn’t shown much motherly affection growing up. she won’t tell a soul, but she wishes she was named apple pie, as suddenly the apple family lost pride in its apple title during the war.

for smokey quartz, traveling to alternate equestrias would be to find peace for his mother. fluttershy had been captured and brainwashed by sombra, during a supplies shipment gone horribly wrong. she’s simply a nodding husk, showing brief moments of motherly affection to smokey quartz but otherwise the hypnotized state leaves her docile and silent. the one time sombra’s magic tapped out, fluttershy mistook smokey for his father and began to scream, terrified. he’s not too different from his mother, not painfully shy but he doesn’t like pony contact or talking really. saving his mother is the only thing that’s important to him, he’s indifferent towards the war and the resistance, as his father made it clear it should not weigh on the future king’s mind.

for butterscotch, traveling to alternate equestrias would be to just to get the hell out of there. he’s too little to really help the cause, and though he understands changelings are supposed to be bad and the enemy, he just sees their tricks as really cool. changelings like thorax are here and there in the forest, and butterscotch has often been screamed at for being caught playing with these young changelings. like any little kid he really doesn’t care what’s most important to the grown ups, and getting out of dodge is his first priority, saving his family and friends would be an after thought. he wouldn’t even think of sending help if he succeeded, canon twilight would probably panic while he was nonchalantly talking about his home like it was nothing special.
semi-grimdark (24455)artist:hateful-minds (70)applejack (148026)fluttershy (184357)king sombra (11698)maud pie (11065)pinkie pie (189221)rainbow dash (204114)rarity (157815)oc (525918)oc:blue diamond (12)oc:butterscotch (69)oc:mud pie (8)oc:smokey quartz (12)earth pony (148685)pegasus (188491)pony (699348)unicorn (203876)alternate timeline (2451)apocalypse maud (103)applecalypsejack (44)bat wings (2770)blank flank (6229)chest fluff (25808)chrysalis resistance timeline (329)colored hooves (3239)colored sclera (453)crack ship offspring (185)crystal war timeline (1240)curved horn (4673)female (761313)flutterpie (1275)freckles (20554)lesbian (81991)magical lesbian spawn (8449)male (258437)mare (335991)maudjack (3)mind control (2481)next generation (5385)night guard dash (48)night maid rarity (248)nightmare takeover timeline (418)offspring (28800)parent:applejack (2753)parent:fluttershy (3382)parent:king sombra (896)parent:maud pie (336)parent:pinkie pie (3106)parent:rainbow dash (4310)parent:rarity (3026)parents:flutterpie (76)parents:maudjack (4)parents:raridash (51)parents:sombrashy (50)raridash (1775)realistic horse legs (763)shipping (164687)simple background (291207)sombra horn (17)stallion (73136)tribal pie (67)tribalshy (110)white background (72283)


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