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safe2118626 artist:jumblehorse31 applejack196195 rarity212941 earth pony423516 pony1479743 unicorn512770 spoiler:comic13354 spoiler:comicholiday201774 chromatic aberration2002 clothes611855 cowboy hat24535 cute257273 eyeshadow27720 female1740158 floppy ears70368 freckles41587 frills183 glowing horn28152 hair tie1567 hat119605 jackabetes7770 lesbian114761 looking at each other32254 magic93766 makeup37495 mare703589 raribetes6879 scarf30906 ship:rarijack8103 shipping245962 smiling377089 snow18458 standing22792 stetson5766 sweater18840 telekinesis37816 ushanka525 winter5951 winter coat146