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safe1750829 edit135900 edited screencap67226 screencap227437 tree of harmony713 twilight sparkle306182 alicorn232936 pony1010785 what lies beneath1613 adventure time1454 animated100828 cartoon network383 cartoon network logo35 dialogue67963 female1402154 food72990 lemon358 lemongrab47 male388117 meme83386 solo1094537 talking6154 treelight sparkle206 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126201 unacceptable23 wind1235 yelling3196


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Background Pony #04E7
@Background Pony #7190
Actually, he does have a deep desire to be friends with Bubblegum and also to be understood. He is just so weird and mentally challenged that that's impossible.
Background Pony #46F9
To be fair, this is Lemongrab. If any living creature in any universe is unfriendly by nature, it's him.