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My Steam avatar pic has always had this (although slightly different) meme. I forgot that I actually screen capped the episode on Netflix at this moment and made this. Unfortunately, that original pic I made is lost to just my Steam avatar, but I went about and redid it on the site memegenerator.net just for the sake of having it spread and to kind of have a backup and/or reminder of something stupid I did three years ago. Also, if I forgot any tags, please put them in on this pic. It’s always appreciated.


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True, but I find Image Flip's watermark to take a little less space and is slightly less noticeable (to me). I'm very, simply put, weird and awkward. And yes, I'm putting my avatar to good use. I sometimes get irked by the stupidest things and I don't fully know why.
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Warning: Nuts Inside
She tries to let one go quietly. It sounds like someone stepped on a duck. Ponies nearby start looking around for the trampled duck, only to be overcome by the unmistakable scent of an alfalfa fart.

Fluttershy can only stand still and awkwardly pretend to be disgusted by her own rank fart. Tree Hugger, standing next to her, ponders loudly about the terrible smell, comparing it to the plants she found in Saddle Arabia.

Fluttershy dies a little inside as she excuses herself and leaves for the bathroom. She spends the next hour crying in embarrassment.

@Miss Shy Right. Also, I'm thinking of reuploading this without the memegenerator.net splash on the bottom right. I find it a little disgusting to notice.