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safe1676570 artist:edhelistar114 derpibooru exclusive27679 oc666129 oc only438587 oc:edhelistar8 alicorn218723 kirin8257 pegasus280392 pony939389 unicorn311174 sounds of silence3325 cloven hooves9817 female1336624 frown22459 glasses60217 hoof fluff1589 kanji184 kirin oc1340 leg fluff2944 leonine tail8216 levitation11822 looking at you163183 magic71768 male362798 mare466585 pencil3542 plushie23526 ponysona2771 ponytail17332 raised hoof44222 raised leg7518 signature23311 simple background383664 telekinesis27062 tengwar43 traditional art115945 unshorn fetlocks24463 white background95155 wide eyes16815


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