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Queen Chrysalis x Queen Celestia - Married  
Nova Nightshade
Queen Luna x King Sombra - Married  
Neon Nights  
Sonder Nighthawk  
Dutchess Twilight Sparkle x Lady Starlight Glimmer - Married  
Amethyst Althaea  
Arctic Gale  
Dutchess Mi Amor Cadenza x Duke Shining Armor - Married  
Flurry Heart  
Morning Star
Dame Pinkamina Diane Pie x Lady Skystar - Married  
Pink Promenade  
Snow Candy  
Dame Applejack x Dame Rarity - Married  
Lady Alice
Lord Big MacIntosh x Dame Fluttershy - Married  
Wolf River  
Carolina Chai  
Sugar Bee
Dame Rainbow Dash x Lady Daring Do - Married  
Dusty Hooves  
Nellie Fly  
Desert Sky
Sunset Shimmer x Trixie Lulamoon - Married  
Winter Wonder  
Derpy Hooves x Doctor Whooves - Married  
Dinky Doo
Photo Finish x Royal Pin - Married  
Sunset Silk  
Blue Buttons  
Lapis Lace
Moon Dancer x Star Bright - Married  
Cresent Shine
Tree Hugger x Everfree Dryad - Casual Relationship  
Maud Pie x Mud Briar - Married  
Violet Vivanite  
Joss Spice
Octavia x Vinyl Scratch - Married  
safe1769967 artist:misskanabelle517 applejack174800 big macintosh29025 daring do6527 derpy hooves51011 dinky hooves4430 doctor whooves10999 fluttershy219047 king sombra14348 photo finish2693 pinkie pie221847 pokey pierce1392 princess cadance33403 princess celestia97328 princess luna101391 princess skystar2116 queen chrysalis35758 rainbow dash240345 rarity187255 shining armor23791 starlight glimmer50191 sunset shimmer65472 time turner10995 trixie69192 twilight sparkle308443 oc722023 oc:amethyst althaea7 oc:arctic gale5 oc:arietta5 oc:blue buttons4 oc:carolina chai6 oc:concordia12 oc:cresent shine5 oc:desert sky4 oc:dusty hooves25 oc:hunter92 oc:joss spice4 oc:juniper35 oc:lady alice4 oc:lapis lace3 oc:lumina40 oc:moondancer27 oc:morpheus22 oc:nellie fly4 oc:neon nights5 oc:nightshade158 oc:pink promenade6 oc:snow candy8 oc:sonder nighthawk5 oc:starburst384 oc:sugar bee7 oc:sundance58 oc:sunset silk2 oc:violet vivanite4 oc:winter wonder16 oc:wisteria29 oc:wolf river5 alicorn236146 bat pony53157 changedling8899 changeling50595 changepony1172 classical hippogriff5152 classical unicorn4271 deer6163 diamond dog3572 earth pony274499 hippogriff10262 hybrid20942 pegasus316674 pony1029897 reindeer2099 unicorn350579 absurd resolution67627 adopted offspring1137 bat pony oc19451 blaze (coat marking)1801 braided tail1247 changedling oc628 changeling oc8143 chest fluff42184 chryslestia288 clothes482685 cloven hooves10738 coat markings5846 colored hooves6912 colored wings6839 colored wingtips1724 cowboy hat17743 daringdash151 description is relevant865 diamond dog oc318 doctorderpy1542 ear piercing28537 earring22663 ethereal mane8614 facial markings2432 family tree368 fangs27271 female1418646 floral head wreath2128 flower27099 flower in hair8204 fluttermac3054 glasses65803 gradient hooves670 hair bun3549 hat92057 hybrid wings319 interspecies offspring7941 jewelry70462 leonine tail9377 lesbian100106 lumbra321 magical lesbian spawn12836 male394092 mare511054 missing accessory8419 multicolored wings2993 neckerchief1926 necktie7723 offspring41375 parent:applejack4190 parent:big macintosh3412 parent:fluttershy5212 parent:king sombra1402 parent:maud pie438 parent:moondancer385 parent:mud briar151 parent:oc:everfree dryad2 parent:octavia melody308 parent:pinkie pie4343 parent:princess cadance1703 parent:princess celestia2274 parent:princess luna2450 parent:princess skystar228 parent:queen chrysalis1130 parent:rarity4511 parent:shining armor1468 parent:star bright13 parent:starlight glimmer1544 parent:sunset shimmer1531 parent:tree hugger342 parent:trixie1997 parent:twilight sparkle8773 parent:vinyl scratch432 parents:canon x oc1822 parents:chryslestia102 parents:daringdash44 parents:fluttermac1500 parents:lumbra360 parents:maudbriar117 parents:moonbright5 parents:photopierce7 parents:rarijack444 parents:scratchtavia193 parents:shiningcadance1014 parents:skypie141 parents:suntrix71 parents:twistarlight90 photopierce2 piercing44005 rainbow hair2629 rainbow wings633 rarijack7225 scarf24150 shawl294 shiningcadance2775 shipping207656 skirt41689 skypie192 socks (coat markings)3475 stallion118633 starry mane4635 stetson5068 straight141726 straw in mouth1090 sunglasses15300 suntrix610 tongue out109992 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127156 twistarlight573 unshorn fetlocks28224 wall of tags3767


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