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safe (1427980)artist:efk-san (173)fluttershy (184019)rainbow dash (203748)equestria girls (159498)3d (51329)asdfmovie (191)blender cycles (91)blushing (153675)clothes (355304)cute (148294)dashabetes (6646)female (759078)flutterdash (3987)indoors (1482)lesbian (81768)looking at you (120314)mine turtle (23)open mouth (104035)shipping (164307)shyabetes (9400)smiling (182954)television (1893)tripod (51)wallpaper (16520)window (5979)


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You press your hand on that button, she will explode..on you for feeling her up.
If you don’t want her to think that’s what you’re doing, say what you’re doing beforehand.
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