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safe1586723 artist:efk-san182 fluttershy199366 rainbow dash220683 equestria girls181802 3d63855 asdfmovie210 blender cycles229 blushing177672 clothes413475 cute180397 dashabetes8085 duo49902 female909507 indoors1904 looking at you145965 mine turtle24 open mouth124626 shyabetes11717 smiling217898 television2169 tripod62 wallpaper17805 window7362


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You press your hand on that button, she will explode..on you for feeling her up.
If you don't want her to think that's what you're doing, say what you're doing beforehand.
Background Pony #F239
I hope to see the other girls like this, especially Applejack and Sunset.