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Finally making proper refs for my next gen kids! They'll all be done on bases for clarity.
Name: Sweet Apple Pie
Nicknames: Sweetie Pie, Sweetie, Sweets, Sugar Sweet (parents), 'The Sweeze' (only herself and Brain Teaser)
Gender/Orientation: Cis girl (she/her), Pan
Family: Big Mac (dad), Cheerilee (biological mom), Sugar Belle (other mom), Lucky Liberty (older sister), Sugarbee (younger sister), Sour Candy (younger brother), and Pink Lady (baby sister), Applejack (Aunt), Fluttershy (aunt), SummerFree (Cousin), Lady Smith (cousin), Apple Bloom (aunt), Scootaloo (aunt), Sweetie Belle (aunt)
Talent: Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, etc.
Bio:Sweetie Pie is a fun loving goof. She's a little awkward but overall means well and wants to make others happy! She's not really great with kids, which isn't ideal with all her little siblings and cousins. She's very crafty and loves to tinker and make toys.
Base by SelenaEde
safe1557706 artist:bubaiuv155 oc595436 oc:sweet apple pie1 earth pony191638 pony828829 base used15003 bow23650 color palette372 colored pupils8449 female881888 filly58505 freckles24819 hair bow12943 lightly watermarked263 neckerchief1392 offspring33695 parent:big macintosh2610 parent:cheerilee363 parent:sugar belle303 parents:cheerimac263 raised hoof38524 reference sheet10799 simple background338684 solo961145 transparent background176520 watermark14215


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