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I got it.
safe1589381 edit119614 edited screencap57259 screencap204116 twilight sparkle284839 alicorn198174 pony856466 magical mystery cure2153 what lies beneath1474 bad pun188 cropped44564 female933560 mare421237 pun7278 sparkles3857 spread wings48396 treelight sparkle201 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116248 wings79023


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You know something curious, that the tree of harmony can do that, and that it was time after having absorbed the Mean 6 (the evil clones), I feel that a great drama will come in season 9 …
Background Pony #A4FB
If her name is Twilight Sparkle, wouldn't that make the tree version Twilight Sparkle-Sparkle?
We could always call her Twilight Literally Sparkles.