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This was initially supposed to be some sort of character study thing of Inkwell but tbh I'm not really fond of the format and the fact that it took forever to make so if I make more I will change the layout and stuff like that up to more of a sketchdump feel. Also I'm not used to this thing called speach bubbles so please pardon how crappy they turned out. Just felt it was easier to read with them there.

Where do I even begin with this. It's more of the typical Inkwell stuff. Shy, quiet, smart kid grows up to have crippling self esteem issues and feels he's not good enough… and is a dick to everything around him in hopes of feeling better about himself. That's about it.

The second row is a drunk Inkwell forcefully showing off his card magic skills to poor Peachy… he might have forgotten a few steps though.

Orion, Inkwell's great grandpa, is the father of Twilight Velvet (so Twilight Sparkle's grandpa). He was a well liked professor at Celestia's school for gifted unicorns and came up with some interesting spells, like how to turn everything in your office into oranges and how to turn invisable for 10 minutes.
He wasn't always the most careful with his experimentating and often would sustain injuries from a number of not yet perfected spells. He died when Twilight was just a baby from an explosion when trying to create a portal from his office to the school yard.

Just to clarify, Inkwell is yelling at the portrait of Orion on the last row. Realised it wasn't really super obvious haha

I honestly don't have that much to say about this piece. Most of it hopefully speaks for itself

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