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Sometimes, fantasies become reality in only a night.

Flash Sentry by PaulySentry 
Sunset Shimmer by Orin331 
Background by BonesWolbach
safe (1429574)artist:3d4d (883)artist:boneswolbach (294)artist:orin331 (349)artist:paulysentry (409)flash sentry (10951)sunset shimmer (50681)pony (698321)unicorn (203459)blushing (153843)blush sticker (1732)book (27072)campfire (798)cute (148617)female (760350)flashimmer (1455)magic (57534)magic aura (1886)male (258102)mare (335459)shimmerbetes (3414)shipping (164550)stallion (73018)straight (109505)telekinesis (20721)tent (723)


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