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suggestive (113222)artist:akomaru (62)fluttershy (184300)pegasus (188390)pony (699034)accident (955)cameltoe (7010)clothes (356057)crying (35809)female (761033)fetish (29659)frilly underwear (3759)looking back (41862)mare (335844)need to pee (816)omorashi (793)panties (41573)pissing (2890)potty time (1026)puddle (806)rear view (7884)ribbon (5525)socks (49184)solo (876768)stockings (25384)sweat (19916)sweatdrop (1921)thigh highs (23559)underwear (49672)urine (5335)watersports (2525)wet panties (394)wetting (925)white underwear (2850)


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8 comments posted
The Dark Pony's avatar
The Dark Pony
I love this.

(notices look on Fluttershy’s face) Don’t feel bad, Fluttershy. If anything this makes me like you even more. (hugs her, and notices she seems to be feeling better) Now come with me and let’s get you into a dry pair of panties.
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Shooting Star 4878's avatar
Shooting Star 4878

Awwww please don’t cry,Flutty :’(
Accidents happens and they are something natural and completely normal…besides,that’s my fetish,I’m not disgusted and I won’t mess with you.
Now take off your panties and take a shower :)
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