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Have some more work sketches both originals and colored. Decided to upload them all as a big sketch dump since most of them were sketched on really small paper. 

1: Petit and Velvet’s first encounter. They are really quite the opposite of eachother with Petit being a little pedantic colt who didn’t care at all for Velvet’s straight forwardness… or dirtyness. She kept on popping up everywhere and pestering him with "dumb" questions especially after his old bully buddies ditched him for being a shorty wierdo. He swore she was the most annoying and uncouth pony he had ever met and wanted nothing more than to be rid of her. But through pure persistance she grew on him and one day when she was home sick and didn’t show up to pester him at school he realised how lonely he suddenly felt and later showed up with a small bouqet of flowers to cheer her up and wish her well like his mother used to send to her friends. Ever since Velvet has practically regarded him as family. 

2: Some headshots with a new potential manestyle for Petit

3: Petit as Diamant, aka Petit’s drag persona. (I love drawing her so much) 

4: Growing up as really close friends Velvet much like Scarlet loves making fun of and tease Petit (all in good fun of course) The height comments sometimes makes him a bit annoyed but he is no stranger to snapping or teasing back. 

5: Petit Choux: "Did you want something?"

Velvet seeing Petit in drag for the first time awoke feelings inside her. Terrible, wonderful, nerve wrecking feelings that made her unable to talk properly to her otherwise best friend for the entire duration he was in drag.  She was stuttering awkwardly for several hours and Petit was almost convinced she’d had a stroke at some point and needed to be seen by a doctor.  
Scarlet later flat out pointed out that Velvet most likely had a crush on Diamant. 

Velvet avoided Petit for a few days afterwards hoping these very awkward and potentially friendship ruining feeling would all vanish but with a bit of coaxing from her family later went and asked Petit out. 
Petit, to her big surprise, said yes. 

6: Petit and Velvet kissing.

7:  More Diamant, this time anthro with proportions that are waaaay off but I still really liked this skecth. 

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