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Autumn Breeze is the daughter Lightning Dust and Dumbbell. (Crap there's a canon pony that shares her name…Ah, don't care. ) Autumn Breeze is a Wonderbolt in training under the apprenticeship of Rainbow Dash. Dashie saw a bit of her self is the young mare and wanted to help her accomplish her dreams. Autumn Breeze was stunned as she grew up admiring Rainbow Dash. Much to the dismay of her mom.

In terms of personality Autumn is a lot like Dash. Cocky, hot headed and connotative. Autumn often clashes with Thunderstorm (RD's kid) due to her closeness to RD. Thunderstorm and her mom have an estranged relationship. So, Thunderstorm feels like her mom prefers Autumn. Autumn tries to be friendly but Thunderstorm just pushes her away.

Muse the son of Treehugger and Zephyr Breeze. His special talent is management. And as such her helps manage Honeycrisp's music career. Muse is very quiet and reserved only really talking when need or spoken to. And most of the time has a deadpan expression. Though when he listens to music he becomes extremely expressive and energetic.

Treehugger and Zephyr Breeze split up when Muse was very young. Treehugger was very neglectful of Muse. She often wouldn't even give him the time of day. One-night Zephyr Breeze had enough. He packed his things and went to RD's to stay for a bit. He didn't want to stay with Fluttershy or his parent because he didn't want them involved with the fight. And Rainbow was the only other pony he could think of that might take them in. RD now being a parent herself let the two into her home. Later that month Treehugger and Zephyr Breeze officially got divorced. Zephyr wins custody of Muse.

Zephyr now runs his own hair salon in Canterlot. Surprisingly during their stay at RDs, Zephyr and Dashies hubby, Soarin become bros. Shortly after the divorce Treehugger saw the error of her ways and want to make amends with at least Muse. But her refuses to see her.

Peachy Punch the daughter of Big Mac and Sugar Belle. And the half-sister to Honeycrisp. I have already gone over her backstories when I first posted her, but to give you the TL;DR. Sugar Belle and Big Mac broke up because the long distance put a strain on there relationship. And nether wanted to give up there jobs to go and live with the other. But oops, Sugar Belle got pregnant. Years later as an adult Peachy Punch meets her dad. After sometime to get use to it Big Mac accepts and loves her daughter. But Peachy hates Honeycrisp and Rarity for "stealing" her dad from her mom and her.

Peachy Punch's special talent is boxing. She's a loud, appreciative, cocky gal that you don't want to mess with.

Blueberry the son of Trixie and Discord. And half brother to Mystic Curse and Solar Flare. Originally I had Blueberry as a Trixie and Starlight kid. But his designs was a bit generic and I wanted have a noodle horse OC. Thou Starlight is still his step-mom. Trixie and Discords relationship never went further the frenemies. Blueberry is the result of a drunken one-night stand between the two.

Blueberry's magic is vary limited. Do to him simply not exploring his potential. (Though his early chaos magic made taking care of him as a baby integrating to say the least. He can do the basics along with teleportation, transmogrification and minor shifting. Instead he has a love for growing fruits and vegetables. Though he does still have a bit of his dads mischievous side. He love to team up with Solar Flare to annoy Aura Sparkle.

Mystic Curse the daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Trixie. Even though Blueberry was a handful to take care of Starlight still wanted another kid. And thus Mystic Curse came to be. She's basically Trixie jr, a rival to Aura Sparkle and best bros with her big brother.

Rosie Pozie the daughter of Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom. Feather Dust the Son of Scootaloo and Gabby. Not much to say about these two as I made them right at the end of my interest in MLP. Rosie Pozie is rambunctious and kind. And Feather Dust is shy and meek. That's all I really got. Plus this is long enough don't you think, LOL.
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