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Sugar Belle beeing honest with her big honey :D
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[…] and she’s made up of many tiny particles of bee.

Umm… Bee particles, I’m fairly certain, aren’t a thing, nor does anyone, also fairly certain, want them to be a thing. You should be burned atop a mushroom steak for thinking such blasphemous… Uh… Lost my train thought.
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You're gay.
Oh, yeah, The Sandman did the same thing to Spider-Man:

Yeah, it’s pretty much the same considering that he’s made up of many tiny particles of sand, and she’s made up of many tiny particles of bee.
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Background Pony #AEE9
Would there be more "slice of life" pics of her interacting with others? I’m fascinated how they be. 🐝
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
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(Previously known as G.S.)

Love each other.
@Prometheus labs CEO

"So… your bees communimacate usin’ magic radio signals?" Apple bloom asked, cocking a red eyebrow and frowning.

Sugar Belle shrugged. "I, well, I think so," "said" the bees in her "mouth" responsible for flapping their wings in synchronized, planned frequencies to resemble pony speech. "That’s how I think it works."

Apple bloom extracted a device that looked like a breadbox with a single antenna. "So what happens if Ah turn on this ’magic jammer’ thingy that was in Starlight’s locked closet?"

Big Macintosh gawked at her. "How did ya even get that?" he said in shock.

"Well, the Crusaders n’ Ah once tried lockpickin’ t’get our cutie marks." Bloom’s face scrunched up. "But enough about that."

"… Was that you who’s been crackin’ the lock on the sweets cabinet in—"

"Enough about that!" Bloom shouted. "So if Ah turn this on, will it mess up yer bees?" she said, presenting the device to Sugar Belle.

Sugar Belle looked frightened. "Um… A-Apple Bloom, I don’t think that’s a good idea."

A little yellow hoof pressed a big red button on the side of the device. They all began to hear a quiet, high-pitched noise.

Sugar Belle stopped moving. Then she collapsed into a heap, her suit seeming to deflate and releasing a torrent of bees into the air. They buzzed loudly, but didn’t stray far from the cloud above the suit. Some of them flew to Apple Bloom, buzzing around her. Some landed on the device. Some of them flew back into the suit, trying to make it stand up again, but their erratic behavior and tendency to bump into each other prevented them from getting very far. Their confused, uncoordinated efforts eventually picked up the suit, but it was misshapen and looked dead.

Apple Bloom blinked. "Ohhhh, so that’s what happens."

A few of the bees landed on Mac’s snout. He could see how confused they looked from their little black eyes, so very close to his. "Apple Bloom, turn that thing off!"

Apple Bloom, after shooing away some of the bees, pressed the button again. The noise stopped, and all of the bees flew back into Sugar Belle’s suit, filling it up and bringing it back to life. When Sugar Belle’s synthetic eyes opened again, she did not look pleased. "Don’t do that!" she snarled, grabbing the magic jammer away from Apple Bloom and holding it away. "I-I couldn’t see, or move, or anything!!"

Big Macintosh took the device from his girlfriend, scowling at his little sister. "Starlight’s gonna hear about this. And Applejack. And Granny!"

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