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safe (1500361) artist:dstears (549) apple bloom (45118) fizzlepop berrytwist (7400) scootaloo (47933) sweetie belle (45315) tempest shadow (13694) earth pony (171985) pegasus (212283) pony (777636) unicorn (232925) adorabloom (2103) blank flank (6611) broken horn (11435) cape (8350) clothes (381267) clubhouse (666) cmc cape (217) crusaders clubhouse (639) cute (162728) cutealoo (2321) cutie mark crusaders (16916) diasweetes (2285) eye scar (4023) female (824464) filly (55263) mare (374168) monochrome (139832) scar (9442) table (7584) tempestbetes (1702)


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10 comments posted

This is the most precious thing I've ever seen. I fully approve of the 'Tempest is a blank flank' theory. I'm so happy to see her happy. :)
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Background Pony #D2AA
Oh no.

They are now the Cutie Worst Crusaders. We're losing pones…
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Background Pony #BC71
Dude I just love the way you draw like this. Even without full color it's awesome. plz plz don't ever stop
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