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My my, Zecora sure seems to be getting into the fun of things, going and huffing that doll up directly rather than going with only water~ Twi's backside seems to be getting plenty of attention from the puffing, too~
suggestive126528 artist:the-furry-railfan821 twilight sparkle280295 zecora8706 alicorn191793 zebra15486 belly23834 belly bed2303 bingo wings1617 blushing173259 blushing profusely1510 everfree forest1930 huge ass7820 impossibly large ass6144 impossibly large belly8834 inflated ears178 inflated wings166 inflation8102 jewelry49429 large ass12373 leg rings153 lip bite10248 neck rings678 puffkiss77 puffy cheeks3476 spread wings47021 squishy2088 this will end in balloons156 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113974 voodoo doll187 voodoo inflation34 water balloon92 wings72751


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