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So with permission from the master ponemaster themself, a little birfday gift they made featuring Belloqpone and Ganonpone. This was honestly one of the sweetest things I've woken up to (no kidding, after the alarm woke me up I found out that my phone hadn't gone into sleep mode. Derpi was the last place I was on before knocking out last night).

Once again, I just wanna give a big thank you to Dragonpone for this! They're an as awesome as a person as they are an artist.
safe1640443 artist:dragonpone343 derpibooru exclusive26601 doctor caballeron773 rogue (character)189 earth pony224463 pony905971 bandage5387 carrying2105 clothes436080 dialogue62073 duo54784 ear fluff26335 eyebrows2702 henchmen354 lidded eyes28912 male351460 open mouth133647 over shoulder41 plot74525 scar11289 simple background371196 stallion100776 transparent background192686 vest3708


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