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Lady of Ships and Birbs
No. Old memes give me life.
The song was from the 90s but the actual Leek Spin meme itself originated in 2006. So, that’s honestly enough time for quite a bit of us older users (around their 20s and up) to not be in their diapers when it came out.
Exactly. I’m no anime expert but I’m a fan of both Dragon Ball and Jojo and both series have tons of reformations left and right (arguably even more than MLP).
Background Pony #1AB9
@Background Pony #5D88
Reality would beg to differ. Unless you don’t see forced ‘equality’ as the core endgame of Communism, in which case you and I occupy two completely different realities, I guess.
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@Background Pony #1D74
And yet redemption/reformation arcs in them are often very popular in Japan…
Honestly curious where you’re getting this idea of “Japanese don’t believe in reformations” from…
Background Pony #0062
It’s ironic because the Japanese and the Finns don’t believe in reformations and she was a communist.