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9/12 – “Special Service”
Sketch done by bluedrg19Source

All twelve color edits:  
  1. Milky Way  
  2. Twilight Sparkle  
  3. Princess Celestia  
  4. Fluttershy  
  5. Princess Celestia 2  
  6. Milky Way 2  
  7. Princess Celestia 2  
  8. Rarity (Plainity)  
  9. [you are here]  
  10. [coming soon]  
  11. [coming not soon]
    No wings but who cares.
explicit389957 artist:bluedrg19292 artist:mercurial64371 color edit8092 edit146874 princess celestia100819 alicorn254018 human180485 pony1209096 anus109228 blushing222261 butt136387 colored21032 cum87760 cutie mark51613 ethereal mane9747 eyelashes19215 female1503910 flowing mane2463 grinding1261 hair2144 hotdogging2178 human male7153 human male on mare3846 human on pony action11244 human penis12377 interspecies25516 ketchup vein1474 looking back67299 male423804 mare558798 multicolored mane2564 multicolored tail1881 nudity420238 penis173824 peytral4372 plot96477 ponut50368 purple eyes3443 royalty1450 sex137659 sexy34376 smiling298047 straight150297 stupid sexy celestia1767 sunbutt4566 vein6853 vein bulge3709 veiny cock5284


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Background Pony #5C5A
Dick and anus, but no pussy. That distribution is usually reserved for M/M pics.
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There was an attempt
Hnnng, I love Sunbutt’s sunny butt so much! Perfect color edit as always!
Now we just need another edit where the dick is hidden in such a way that it looks like its inside Celestia. Though, I’d probably blow my load in seconds if I ever felt her tight horse pussy milking me while that plump plot of hers is squished against my lap.