Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Bases belongs to Chaostrical KatNekoBase 

This next gen belongs to me, my sister and
safe (1429666)artist:ilaria122 (312)oc (525359)oc:applemel (12)oc:sapphire blue (17)oc:shooting star (ilaria122) (14)oc:velvet star (30)equestria girls (159764)applejack's hat (3806)belt (3613)boots (16041)bracelet (6673)braid (3950)canterlot high (2045)cardigan (72)choker (7231)clothes (355848)cowboy boots (1104)cowboy hat (10500)denim jacket (19)dress (35047)ear piercing (16890)earring (14353)ethereal mane (4698)glowing eyes (8493)hat (64779)high heels (8105)jewelry (39096)necklace (12281)next generation (5381)offspring (28770)pants (9784)parent:applejack (2748)parent:caramel (594)parent:fancypants (627)parent:flash sentry (2200)parent:rarity (3024)parents:carajack (554)parents:raripants (423)parent:twilight sparkle (6201)piercing (28402)ponied up (4313)ripped pants (317)shoes (24083)side slit (1049)simple background (290936)skirt (31539)sleeveless (2432)starry mane (2413)stetson (4435)top (237)


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