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It’s true, I find Fortnite shit.  
The reasons?  
  1. It’s another shoot ‘em up (discount Halo Multiplayer IMO)  
    2)It’s overated (I think it’s a very basic game)  
  2. THE MEMES!!!! (I hate them so much #MiniLadd)  
    4)People talk about it too much, like Minecraft.
    But to be fair, I haven’t played it yet.


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Also, y’all virgin Fortnites and Minecrafts need to join us Chad CTR:NFs.
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They also copied TF2’s idea of ‘team vs Saxton Hale’ for their Thanos mode, or whatever the hell they called it.
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Back on my shid :DDD
Tbh this is pretty true. Community is shit, gameplay is shit and relies mostly on luck with the whole bullet-spread thing and skill only gets you so far, to the point that in many cases you simply can’t make up for bad RNG with skillful gameplay, and with all the bullshit about Fortnite dance classes, Fortnite tutors, and kids stealing money from their parents for ingame currency, in all odds it’s actively hindering cultural evolution on a global scale.  
Now QUAKE! THAT was a good game!
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Your fetish is weird
Fortnite sucks. The gun mechanics are bad in and of themselves and fights come down to who can build faster instead of who can shoot better.