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parents: trixie x starlight glimmer

age: 24


parents: maud pie x starlight glimmer x trixie

age: 18


loves stars

Tempest star

parents: maud pie x starlight glimmer

age: 18



thunder stone

parents: maud pie x trixie

age: 9

a little information about starlight owo
she and starburst were realy close friends
but when the war between tirek controled and fused with meduza
starbust died ant dis war and starlight and cadense were heartbroke
so after that shes wearing his coat

base by
safe1590265 artist:crystalllight8 maud pie11938 starlight glimmer44375 trixie62790 family4063 female934229 lesbian92654 magical lesbian spawn10903 mauxie453 offspring34854 parent:maud pie376 parent:starlight glimmer1180 parent:trixie1723 parents:mauxie72 parents:starmaud30 parents:starmauxie5 parents:startrix269 shipping185817 starmaud99 starmauxie29 startrix2621


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Background Pony #FB71
How cute look at maud and Trixie's family and starlight came to pay them a visit how cute