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explicit397814 artist:vavacung2629 princess cadance35709 shining armor25195 twilight sparkle324433 alicorn260469 pony1245567 unicorn410653 :35401 an egg being attacked by sperm2390 blushing227325 breeding1344 brother and sister5184 camera4443 cervical penetration741 confused5448 creampie36241 crown22770 cuckolding926 cuckquean350 cum89396 cutie mark51721 door4551 egg cell2310 exclamation point4585 eyes closed112969 female1535128 female symbol56 horn104908 impregnation3576 incest15324 indoors4663 internal cumshot4003 interrobang1100 jewelry83768 male434689 male symbol58 molestation1846 music notes3875 nudity429376 open door145 open mouth183198 penetration69556 penis177879 pictogram2092 princess cuckdance108 question mark5372 regalia26895 sex140865 shiningsparkle1635 shipping222300 shocked8342 simple background471792 sleep molestation812 sleeping25733 smiling308704 spermatozoon2346 straight153304 tail54611 tongue out121616 twicest1444 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134598 unshorn fetlocks33186 vaginal46468 video camera152 voyeurism2402 white background120694 wings158072 x-ray9164 zzz2791


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Background Pony #19F8
A fair question, and it comes down to legal definition versus an individual couple’s definition. Your wife can be fine with you inviting a third or even going out to a bar for a little strange on the side but by legal definition you’re still committing infidelity, even if the only person who should care is fine with it happening.  
It’s one of those stupid things that just is, like it being illegal to commit sodomy in some states/countries even if no one really should care where you’re putting except for the one you’re putting it to.
Background Pony #19F8
You missed a few.  
Step 4: Place hand against cheek.  
Step 5: Move hand back, keeping at relative height with cheek.  
Step 6: Strike yourself repeatedly until the urge to complain about needless shit goes away.  
Step 7: Repeat step six if urge returns.
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I don’t think “infidelity” will work here. Since Cadance is filming everything, it is not “sex without the partner’s consent”^^  
but yes, it needs a follow up;-) like a threesome