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safe1749908 artist:pencils1308 pinkie pie220112 rarity185541 earth pony265712 pony1009989 unicorn342072 :i1612 :t3864 adorable distress558 balloonbutt4373 behaving like a cat2243 both cutie marks10786 bottle4271 butt65816 cartoon physics682 cute205625 diapinkes10269 dock52045 female1401355 frog (hoof)13844 frontbend1030 horn77505 if i fits i sits156 looking at you175567 mare501918 misleading thumbnail1115 plot82083 ponies are liquid7 pony in a bottle338 puffy cheeks3968 raribetes5624 simple background408931 smiling260726 stuck2729 underhoof53788


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I think you're right. Rarity may be stuck. Ponka is only there because she wants to be, and will not let little things like the laws of physics get in her way.
Background Pony #14F7
I love Rarity's look hopefully Tempest Shadow or Starlight Glimmer and Trixie could be next.
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Slipped my mind.

Although, maybe it's because Apple Bloom was younger, and younger people tend to be more physically able-bodied. Maybe, since Rarity and Pinkie Pie are adults, they might have more difficulty?