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Removed the cum, the horsecock, the dialogue bubbles as well as the moans, Celestia’s hoof, and the leash with the ring, the collar, and rope.
Original picture made by fensu-san, edited by a random guy. (tennis round 2)
explicit397826 artist:fensu-san597 edit150015 twilight sparkle324442 unicorn410663 anthro299579 unguligrade anthro55723 arm behind back7232 bed47558 blushing227327 bondage38846 breasts323668 clitoral hood1503 clitoris32380 collar39042 complete nudity5499 dildo15731 dildo sitting1910 drool28578 drool string6572 female1535140 floppy ears61105 heart eyes21236 horn104911 horsecock dildo1341 insertion19927 kneeling10468 looking up19439 mare577240 masturbation20875 nipples198178 nudity429390 one eye closed37765 open mouth183201 pillow21237 reasonably sized breasts1761 self bondage259 sex toy28844 solo1209489 solo female199253 tied up6919 vaginal insertion7183 vaginal secretions44637 vulva150558 wingding eyes28149


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