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Creamy cupcake (commission)

Commission by Quakeor

Pinkie is always … uncontrollable at the morning , balls full of cream who needs to fill something .
I want try a strange position for this one it’s the perfect one for show all than i want , i hope you like it !
explicit338218 artist:hericksm1 artist:hooves-art1113 cup cake4033 pinkie pie211303 earth pony230571 anthro249574 plantigrade anthro30618 3d71498 4k1612 balls72422 barefoot26535 breasts265051 breeding918 busty cup cake622 cake9488 cakepie103 commission63190 creampie29137 cum76546 cupcake5237 duo56550 feet38143 female1319576 food67030 futa44013 futa on female11138 futa pinkie pie2553 herm4166 herm on female163 impossibly large penis13198 infidelity6231 intersex41976 lip bite11156 making babies112 making foals103 mare457261 mating press482 milf9140 nudity355824 penetration55004 penis146992 sex115804 shipping193745 source filmmaker43759 this will end in pregnancy1199 vaginal37588 vulva122361


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Background Pony #D861
I love it, BUT Pinkie either has got a giraffe neck or two feet long tits.
Still love it, though.
Background Pony #82AA
he over did it. in my opinion anyway. i cant see pinkie thrusting without an awkward upper body jerk up, with were her tits are currently at. that and the way shes poised on her toes with that previous sentence just… ehh… It's nice but I wont be getting off to it >.>

Wake up. We're here.
It's so kind of Cup Cake to take care of Pinkie.
And the position is ideal for overenergetic Pinks. Bounce and plunge, squashing her tits añd rubbing against them.