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suggestive153905 artist:maniacpaint487 princess celestia98641 human176013 absolute cleavage3995 bent over4200 big breasts90911 bikini19826 breasts302560 busty princess celestia10961 cleavage37097 clothes498023 cloud33423 crown19566 female1453476 hair over one eye9799 horned humanization7067 huge breasts42387 humanized104021 jewelry74406 looking at you186106 praise the sun2121 regalia23051 sexy32519 simple background432293 socks71976 solo1141822 solo female189353 stupid sexy celestia1685 swimsuit31023 thigh highs40857 tongue out113705 white background108402 winged humanization9018 wings136393


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i cant wait for another Maniacpaints Eris, i really love her design, just like this.
He streams more often these days, so you could have a chance to suggest it.
Background Pony #057B
@Background Pony #6A36  
One thing I’ve always noticed: most of the princesses are drawn as recolors of the same pose but Chrissy always gets her own individual shot; usually an ass shot