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Cause rainbow won’t light up the sky unless you let it rain
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safe1917844 artist:xsidera190 autumn blaze4708 kirin11775 season 82007 sounds of silence3421 spoiler:s081618 awwtumn blaze861 cloud36324 cloudy6354 cloven hooves12202 cute228190 featured image1025 female1553460 fluffy16228 fluffy mane304 forest12219 grin49977 kirinbetes278 leonine tail10749 looking at something3591 looking up19787 mare587477 mountain6258 rain6898 rainbow5530 rock5253 scene interpretation9677 scenery9047 signature33317 smiling315022 solo1224780 song1189 squee2037 tree39126 weapons-grade cute4186 xsidera is trying to murder us2


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Pomegranates :P
“Qilin are often depicted as somewhat bejeweled, or as brilliant as jewels themselves, like Chinese dragons. They are often associated in colors with the elements, precious metals, stars, and gem stones. But, qilin can also be earthy and modest browns or earth-tones. It is said their auspicious voice sounds like the tinkling of bells, chimes, and the wind.
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I hope we see Autumn Blaze again.
Maybe she can pay her new friend Applejack a surprise visit and there can be a whole episode about Autumn trying to help out on the farm to thank AJ for saving her people from themselves, but she ends up setting part of the orchard on fire (including the apple/pear tree) and it makes Applejack really angry at her partially because Applejack KNEW it would happen from letting a questionably-self-controlled fire creature into the orchard, and that’s the conflict for the episode
Moral: Forgiveness, but also learning how to say “no” if you see a disaster on the horizon, even if it’s hard