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First Row> Even-Verse

Twilight x Tempest: Evening Star
-After defeating the Storm King, Tempest found work by becoming leader of Twilight's royal guard. Tempest also learned friendship by Twilight, and it wasn't long before Tempest told Twilight she wanted more than friendship from her..but she wasn't the only pony vying for Twilight's affection. Due to them both being busy, Moondancer agreed to carry their foal.

Rainbow Dash x Princess Celestia: Scarlet Dawn
-Being in the Wonderbolts gave Rainbow connections to the military, so when Celestia had to journey outside Equestia, she choose Dash to be her personal escort and guard. The element of loyalty rose to the challenge and stayed at Celestia's side. When a storm caused them to lose the group one night, they found shelter in a cave. Rainbow was herself around the princess, but still showed complete and utter loyalty. Celestia found herself smitten.

ehhhh I'll write more later, I'm tired af.
safe (1523259) artist:saphi-boo (173) applejack (154982) big macintosh (26329) discord (28057) fleur-de-lis (3241) fluttershy (192620) gilda (8875) marble pie (5938) maud pie (11614) pinkie pie (198535) prince blueblood (3737) princess cadance (29586) princess celestia (87639) princess ember (5533) princess luna (91659) rainbow dash (213845) rarity (165039) shining armor (21159) sugar belle (2575) sweetie belle (45713) tempest shadow (14430) trixie (59773) twilight sparkle (274404) vapor trail (844) oc (573714) alicorn (183938) draconequus (7929) dracony (5297) earth pony (179637) hippogriff (7740) hybrid (13889) pegasus (221598) pony (798017) unicorn (243312) alicorn oc (20577) bust (36921) draconequus oc (1177) glasses (51969) interspecies offspring (5903) licking (17143) licking lips (3729) magical lesbian spawn (9383) mane six (28331) offspring (32012) parent:applejack (3053) parent:big macintosh (2415) parent:discord (2664) parent:fleur-de-lis (290) parent:fluttershy (3737) parent:gilda (604) parent:marble pie (310) parent:maud pie (359) parent:pinkie pie (3387) parent:prince blueblood (768) parent:princess cadance (1319) parent:princess celestia (1752) parent:princess ember (281) parent:princess luna (1815) parent:rainbow dash (4707) parent:rarity (3330) parent:shining armor (1137) parent:sugar belle (291) parent:sweetie belle (505) parent:tempest shadow (1813) parent:trixie (1617) parent:twilight sparkle (6811) parent:vapor trail (103) parents:applecord (23) parents:bluepie (14) parents:dashlestia (32) parents:emberity (4) parents:fleurity (12) parents:flutterbelle (4) parents:gildashy (22) parents:marbleshy (17) parents:rainbowmac (51) parents:rarimaud (56) parents:shiningjack (15) parents:shiningpie (8) parents:sugarjack (10) parents:tempestlight (409) parents:trixiepie (20) parents:twidance (20) parents:twiluna (283) parents:vapordash (10) shipping (176990) simple background (324617) straw in mouth (748) tongue out (85027) transparent background (169442) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (111073)


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Background Pony #F0A6
@Background Pony #20A8
Mindless hate mostly. An unfortunate combination of a collection of unconventional ships and a family tree type picture, both of which tend to generate more downvotes than average.

I'm just guessing at this point, but from the thumbnail it isn't obvious that all of the OCs are individually drawn, original art and not recolored bases which are what most people use when making family tree type pictures, and that lack of effort also draws negative feelings, rightly or wrongly.