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Now in my next gen Pinkie is with Big Mac I love this ship <3
From left to right ~ Shiny Apple, Cherry Gum, Apple Cake, Cotton Candy and Cookie Crumble (she is adopted)
Shiny Apple I got from ~

All bases by: SelenaEde
This next gen belongs to me Igzzy and my sister KokonaHaruka45
safe1640118 artist:igzzy8 big macintosh27427 pinkie pie210005 oc643544 oc:apple cake3 oc:cherry gum1 oc:cookie crumble115 oc:cotton candy359 oc:shiny apple2 earth pony224366 pegasus266316 pony905741 adopted offspring1012 base used17646 blank flank7343 colored pupils9059 colt14080 family4258 female1305826 freckles26863 green background2135 heterochromia4970 jewelry57260 male351368 mare450124 necklace16935 offspring36284 parent:big macintosh2884 parent:pinkie pie3808 parents:pinkiemac26 pinkiemac286 shipping191676 simple background371087 straight130045


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