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Golden Knight (1008 – 1046)

Golden Knight always admired the soldiers growing up, training diligently from a young age to join their ranks. He was an outstanding fighter, with exceptional strategic ability in battle combined with his swiftness with a blade. He took to his duties with a smile, be it missions or guard duty and was proud to serve his nation. He died at the age of 38 in battle.

Noble Lass (1016 – 1102)

Noble Lass was a quiet child, but a sass riddled teenager who grew up learning not to take any of the adult’s crap. She often joined her cousin Harp Note in his study sessions, and the two of them teamed up to try and make their country a better place. Harp would run the politics, and she would help write the policies. She married a nobleman and lived mostly in her cousin’s shadow, but preferred things that way. She died of old age at 86.

Color Splash (1509 – 1581)

Color Splash was a simple child who grew up fascinated by art and wanted to be an artist herself. She painted from a very early age and was quite adept at it. She took it hard when her mother vanished from her life at the age of 17, but she channeled those emotions into her art. While she never reached massive fame, she was able to support herself and her family on her art. She died at the age of 72.

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