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My theory: Twilight has Kirin ancestry.
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Background Pony #D86A
Someone write a fanfic please! Where Twi is a Kirin, RD is a griffin, Flutters is a butterfly pony, Aj is a draft horse, Rarity is a diamond dog, Pinkie is a draconequus, Spike is a Wyrm & Luna is a bat pony…

I had thought of Rapidash Twilight too but more in a sense that she would show the kirin that she can burst into flames too. Not surprising others have made the same connection.

If so, that means Shining Armor and Flurry Heart both have the same potential. And that makes Flurry Heart more of a Jack-Jack Parr explodeybaby than before.
Background Pony #3614
Well if she can skip across water, control fire without burning herself, grow plants, create rainbows, and emit lightening naturally then it will be offical proof.
Master Fox

Like maybe a few generations ago if she is part kirin. Though I figure she’s learned enough fire magic from being around spike that’s why she’s able to go super rapidash.