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She’s pretty dumb; cut her some slack :P
safe1863763 artist:badumsquish2159 derpibooru exclusive31613 oc778608 oc only577383 oc:notta7 mimic149 mimic pony22 monster pony3987 original species29110 cave3760 dark4821 drool27819 fangs29955 female1503136 note609 peeking751 pot580 seems legit775 solo1184582 treasure chest357


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Background Pony #0CF9
You mean, like, if she had the whole chest in her mouth, or just the fleshy inside part of the mimic? And how would that happen; would she have been born that way, would it be part of a curse, or would the tongue mimic be a parasite like the Tongue-Eating Louse?
Background Pony #0CF9
You could just walk away if she started to come after you, since she (unlike mimics from Dark Souls or Prey) doesn’t have legs, and hopping is a fairly slow method of locomotion.
Background Pony #0CF9
@Background Pony #5428  
The mimics in that game can look like anything, conservation of mass be damned, so he probably should’ve expected one to turn into a post-it note that says “not a mimic”.
Background Pony #A7CE
The sticky note reminds me of that one room in prey where the guy was surviving by checking everything not bolted down and then putting a sticky note on the items when they didn’t do anything the notes said “not a mimic” though I think his strategy failed when either one of those globs of black slime pretended to be a sticky note or the mimic was patient enough to have a sticky note placed on it
Background Pony #0CF9
If you (for whatever reason) don’t want to get nommed on, it would be best just to stay more than an arm’s reach away from her, as Badum has said that she can’t pull you in if you’re not close enough to open her.