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suggestive141128 artist:marik azemus34365 adagio dazzle12793 sunset shimmer62371 equestria girls198315 beach14638 beach babe668 beautiful5506 beautisexy765 belly button76688 bikini17849 bikini babe701 black swimsuit227 bracelet9216 breasts274162 busty adagio dazzle1562 busty sunset shimmer5375 choker11768 clothes454126 crowd986 duo59804 duo female10311 female1349238 hips2655 jeweled swimsuit101 jewelry62180 legs8152 necklace18370 open mouth142758 sarong1018 sexy28957 strapless1474 stupid sexy adagio dazzle484 stupid sexy sunset shimmer878 summer sunset224 sunset5311 swimsuit27835 thighs13126 underboob3862 walking4699


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Background Pony #FE5D
Finally Marik makes some sexy Dagi/Shimmer art that doesn't turn either of them into a weird hybrid creature that I can't find attractive (he turned Dagi into a literal siren last time, with lower fin and everything).
Thanks for this beautiful art Marik, keep this up!

Who am I kidding… it's Marik, there's no way his art can't be found attractive in some respects, even his anthropomorphized art is very enticing.
Background Pony #6019
This is beautiful and I can't help but admire the artist for this talent. 9.5/10