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explicit362035 artist:dankflank484 sassy saddles1104 pony1012318 unicorn343097 anatomically correct24856 anus100408 bed42411 crotchboobs21851 dildo14409 dock52122 female1403653 fishnets5527 frog (hoof)13901 glowing horn20574 hoofbutt1353 horsecock dildo1119 levitation12589 looking at you175987 lust254 magic75485 mare503086 nipples175706 nudity382903 ponut45660 sex toy26235 solo1095676 solo female183823 spread legs19959 spread pussy3880 spreading19877 telekinesis28784 underhoof53815 vagina49917 vulva132519


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You know what guys, I think Sassy saddles is the most beautiful unicorn in the series. She’s so colorful. Her accent is gorgeous. She’s so blue! For an equine, she’s more beautiful than most women I’ve met. But then again, equines are just hot. Sassy Saddles stole my heart all over again. She’s absolutely beautiful.
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Or, after having her fill of penetrative sex, she’d just rather a nice lengthy nibble-session on her clit. Preferably from a cute mare like Rarity or Coco Pommel.
Honestly, boys, you may think ever so highly of your equipment, but a good toy really is much better. The only reason anyone would want the real thing is if they actually liked the guy attached to it. Toys stay hard as long as you want them to and often have fun extra features like vibration, clitoral stimulator, and knobby bits.