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This month’s patreon sponsored picture! My patreon supporters provide ideas and vote on them, this time “Applejack facesitting on Twilight” won. I’ve never drawn facesitting before, so I hope I did it justice!
If you want to submit your own ideas, or vote on the poll, please consider supporting me on Patreon.
Also huge thanks to everyone who watched me draw this in the livestreams! I appreciated the company and input!
I’m a huge fan of buttplugs, what do you guys think Twilight is doing with it? Pushing it in? Pulling it out? Vibrating it? Warming it up? Magic sounds like fun.
explicit362056 artist:ratofdrawn1133 applejack173463 twilight sparkle306440 alicorn233221 earth pony266789 pony1012485 ahegao25678 anatomically correct24856 anus100414 blushing204973 butt66179 cunnilingus9957 dock52126 facesitting3435 female1403773 heart eyes17543 lesbian99377 mare503161 nudity382925 open mouth154852 oral50430 plot82161 sex125962 shipping205933 tongue out108460 twijack1157 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126281 vaginal secretions40988 vulva132529 wingding eyes23507


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