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Gleaming Shield is Twilight’s lovely assistant in figuring out a spell to reduce the need for breathing, intended for underwater exploration.
And what better way to test such a spell, than tying Gleaming in place, her head secured close to Twilight’s crotch and her cock firmly lodged up Gleaming’s throat. Only time will tell how many more hours, and Twilight’s cum, Gleaming will have to go through.
explicit362476 artist:fladdykin756 shining armor23674 twilight sparkle306667 anthro270295 arm behind back6470 blowjob32918 blushing205270 bondage35042 book34647 breasts289559 breathplay674 busty gleaming shield544 collar34671 cum81879 deepthroat5500 dialogue68226 female1405820 floppy ears54766 for science236 futa47504 futa twilight sparkle5394 futadom1743 gleaming shield1215 gleaming sparkle29 gleamingsub55 half r63 shipping2076 horn ring5846 incest14026 infidelity6928 magic75595 magic suppression4072 nipples175961 nudity383406 oral50500 rope11877 rule 6327538 sex126153 shiningsparkle1525 shiningsub412 shipping206169 table9542 throat bulge3705 twicest1259 twidom1130 under the table413 window8966 writing1227


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Background Pony #ED5D
Why can’t I have a little sister that uses me as a guinea pig for her sex experiments?