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I have never drawn so many fillies together before…
safe1656623 artist:smoldix182 oc653928 oc only432262 oc:anon11378 oc:filly anon2544 earth pony230692 pony920958 :t3692 adoranon64 bed39273 bendy straw157 blanket5115 bored1431 c:1186 chest fluff36373 chips738 cuddling8145 cute192283 doritos222 drinking straw661 drool23863 ear fluff27015 eating9261 eyes closed88100 female1319837 filly63801 floppy ears49752 food67058 head tilt1039 hoof hold7955 lidded eyes29318 looking at you159785 messy mane7517 mountain dew192 multeity2148 nonet13 ocbetes4773 on back23612 on top1093 pillow17065 pony hat388 prone24694 puffy cheeks3752 sleeping22764 smiling234603 soda1513 straw1779 upside down5340


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Anon Filly's supposed to be a 4chan anon trapped in a little filly's body, so I'd expect the fella to be glugging a bottle of some of this:

Instead of whatever that flavour mountain dew is.
Background Pony #65A4
Perhaps. But this group of little Anonfillies look quite amiable. I really want that upside-down one and the comfy one drinking the Mountain Dew.