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I have never drawn so many fillies together before…
safe1769616 artist:smoldix186 oc721827 oc only471349 oc:anon11980 oc:filly anon2763 earth pony274349 pony1029602 :t3899 adoranon67 bed42891 bendy straw170 blanket5578 bored1497 c:1225 chest fluff42156 chips813 cuddling8649 cute207981 doritos235 drinking straw819 drool25996 ear fluff32250 eating10088 eyes closed99954 female1418328 filly70892 floppy ears55473 food74120 head tilt1090 hoof hold8811 lidded eyes32285 looking at you178505 messy mane8011 mountain dew197 multeity2331 nonet13 ocbetes5751 on back25328 on top1162 pillow18920 ponies riding ponies2517 pony hat431 prone26671 puffy cheeks4024 riding7699 sleeping24152 smiling266660 soda1651 straw2075 upside down5813


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average nmm enjoyer
Anon Filly’s supposed to be a 4chan anon trapped in a little filly’s body, so I’d expect the fella to be glugging a bottle of some of this:  
Instead of whatever that flavour mountain dew is.
Background Pony #65A4
Perhaps. But this group of little Anonfillies look quite amiable. I really want that upside-down one and the comfy one drinking the Mountain Dew.