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safe1705131 edit132393 edited screencap65120 screencap222073 applejack169774 cerberus (character)193 fluttershy212516 pinkie pie216097 rainbow dash233792 rarity181722 spike78736 twilight sparkle300184 alicorn224219 cerberus272 dog9505 school raze2337 background monster34 cage984 collar33088 dante (devil may cry)124 devil may cry248 devil may cry 21 dog collar238 insult375 low quality579 monster2267 multiple heads1652 nickelodeon515 snark41 spiked collar1056 tartarus448 taunt38 taunting273 text edit1181 this will end in a boss fight1 three heads587 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123614


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