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Spike, bachelor of Equestria, a youth desired by the hearts of many and who you may ask is desiring this dragon? None other the very ponies he's touched, the mane 6. For a while now their feelings for the drake grew stronger and stronger unbeknownst to the oblivous dragon until one day they've decided that they were just going to show him just how much he means to them.

As always, this was commissioned by me.

Drawn by artist:danmakuman
safe1676551 artist:danmakuman1147 applejack167468 fluttershy209556 pinkie pie213343 rainbow dash230580 rarity179148 spike77841 starlight glimmer47784 twilight sparkle296704 dragon54483 earth pony237869 pegasus280381 pony939373 unicorn311169 applespike785 blushing192641 commission65339 eyes closed90094 female1336611 floating heart2229 flutterspike545 harem893 heart47103 kiss on the cheek1714 kiss sandwich200 kissing24146 lucky bastard1695 male362791 mane eight120 mane seven6405 mane six31459 mare466576 one eye closed29477 open mouth140153 pinkiespike420 polyamory6642 rainbowspike530 shipping196299 smiling240428 sparity6557 sparlight598 spike gets all the mares753 spikelove1159 straight133503 twispike1628 wink24068


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Background Pony #05E8
@Background Pony #3B37
What about stellar flare even though spike and stellar flare never met but you know it's okay to ship spike with any pony plus it's more then just shipping him with rarity since it's cannon.