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safe1972964 artist:angerelic43 princess luna109305 twilight sparkle333097 alicorn274717 pony1324994 unicorn447135 book39348 cute236573 dialogue80324 door4815 female1604759 floppy ears64588 frown28840 glowing horn25510 goofy time75 horn117493 lesbian108561 lunabetes3980 magic86557 mare619129 on side8206 open mouth198124 parody16651 rearing6721 reference4737 scared12636 shipping229922 smiling331677 telekinesis34282 twiabetes13868 twiluna1631 wide eyes18838


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
Twilight awkwardly fits my head canon as an obsessive nerd. Mostly because she is a nerd. But Luna has a lot of room to be filled in canon. What if she really isn’t a nerd? All we know about her is that she likes to make a pretty night, she became sad and angsty when no one appreciated it, and now that she has more or less recovered from her thousand year absence she takes watch over youngsters dreams.  
What if Twilight misjudges poor Luna and goes off on some kind of nerdgasm thinking Luna is the most gorgeous nerdy pony she ever saw and tries to mate with her?  
When all miss Luna wants to do is make the night pretty so little foals can sleep well?  
Personally I think Twi needs to get laid, by a responsible professional, and leave the poor princess alone.