Happy Birthday, MLP:FiM! MLP:FiM turns 9 years old this year! Let's celebrate with an art event!
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Fluttershy x Big Macintosh
Rarity x Fancy Pants
Applejack x Flim
Twilight Sparkle x Comet Tail
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich
Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst
Trixie Lulamoon x Prince Blueblood
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry
Rainbow Dash x Soarin

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A tribute to

PD: Sorry for this, but I was in a great hurry and I do not have time to make more requests.
safe (1429444)artist:3d4d (882)applejack (147867)big macintosh (25236)cheese sandwich (3059)comet tail (796)fancypants (1631)flash sentry (10951)flim (2025)fluttershy (184178)pinkie pie (189092)prince blueblood (3549)rainbow dash (203973)rarity (157676)soarin' (12512)starlight glimmer (38067)sunburst (4744)sunset shimmer (50678)trixie (56079)twilight sparkle (260548)alicorn (163621)earth pony (148328)pegasus (188105)pony (698235)unicorn (203389)alicornified (3685)alternate hairstyle (21286)amputee (3434)augmented (1663)bags under eyes (1322)big crown thingy (1967)big hair (243)bluetrix (616)cheesepie (994)cometlight (288)element of magic (1489)female (760239)flashimmer (1455)flimjack (122)fluttermac (2463)goggles (11727)guard armor (62)jewelry (39085)male (258064)mare (335381)notched ear (58)prosthetic limb (2037)prosthetics (2373)prosthetic wing (572)race swap (10880)rainbow power (2490)raripants (251)regalia (12323)shimmercorn (557)shipping (164514)simple background (290864)soarindash (4330)starburst (849)starlicorn (295)straight (109489)tattoo (3778)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (102123)white background (72181)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2067)


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Background Pony #362C
Everyone in this is a couple except for Starlight and sunburst they are siblings
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