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"Two Best Friends Play"

“DT and SS! They're friends who play together Learning and sharing and junk! One is nice and the other one is less nice! Who couldn't love Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon? Best friends play together!”
Background Pony #C768
Could someone do an edit without the spank marks? I like literally everything about the picture except that.
Background Pony #A557
Diamond Tiara hasn´t treated her "best friend" Silver Spoon the way she deserves lately and now she wants to make it up to her.

As her punishment she agrees to be her obedient and submissive slave for three days following every order her mistress gives her.

Soon Diamond finds herself tied up, gaged, helpless and completely at the mercy of the upset Silver Spoon who is all to eager to punish her through a vicious spanking.

Diamond is starting to have concerns but she is gagged and cannot speak up; all she can do is to take her painful, embarrassing and well deserved treatment stoically.

This is only the beginning of her redemption; in the next phase Silver Spoon will stick it to her with several dildos and all Diamond can do is try to endure and wish that she had been a better friend.

For the next three days the poor helpless Diamond has to suffer countless humiliating and abasing lessons and penalizations (including several long tickle tortures) while Silver Spoon keeps teasing and taunting her utterly powerless victim mercilessly and relentlessly.

After 72 very long hours Silver Spoon finally lets her defeated, tired and pitiful prisoner go.

The broken and humbled Diamond is begging her mistress on her knees for forgiveness and the merciful Silver Spoon graciously accept her apology.

Diamond Tiara has finally learnt her rightful place at Silver Spoons hooves and both of them had so much fun that they agree to repeat this role play very soon.