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This wallpaper is magnificent with those 3 kirin-ified ponies.

The vectors belongs to their respective artist.

Twilight Sparkle by amarthgul

Sunset Shimmer by orin331

Starlight Glimmer by stellardusk

A better and bigger version here
safe (1395027)artist:amarthgul (205)artist:orin331 (338)artist:stellardusk (33)editor:axal-5 (70)starlight glimmer (36479)sunset shimmer (48946)twilight sparkle (253772)sounds of silence (3066)alternate hairstyle (20498)cloven hooves (6955)colored hooves (2978)cute (142092)female (726309)kirin (4420)kirin-ified (371)kirin starlight (14)kirin sunset (5)kirin twilight (10)magical trio (411)open mouth (100554)raised hoof (30660)scrunchy face (6219)species swap (15203)trio (5711)vector (65180)wallpaper (16325)

not provided yet


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #5831
Hi can you upload Kirin-ified version of the mane six and the princesses? If possible.
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