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safe1585816 edit119515 screencap206115 air way77 alula580 amber grain77 amethyst star2328 apple cobbler298 apple polish39 aura (character)271 azalea8 berry blend381 berry bliss382 berry sweet74 blue october51 blueberry muffin51 blues926 bubblegum pop9 button mash3806 carrot top5173 cheerilee9393 cherry berry1921 cherry cream23 cherry spices102 citrus blush151 cloudburst41 cloverbelle47 cocoa caliente46 cotton cloudy395 daisy2278 dee six33 derpy hooves48176 dinky hooves4196 dizzy twister985 doctor whooves10143 emerald green106 fizzy candy11 flower wishes2147 gallus5970 golden crust128 golden grove47 golden harvest5173 goldengrape606 green gem106 huckleberry317 lemon hearts1955 linky1390 liza doolots590 lotus blossom2603 lucky charm (character)20 magnet bolt86 minty hearts32 moondancer's sister65 morning roast65 neckshot27 noteworthy926 ocellus4680 octavia melody22591 orange swirl985 pearly whites77 peppermint goldylinks387 petunia589 piña colada393 ponet342 rainbowshine821 roseluck4708 ruby pinch1244 ruby redmane11 shoeshine1505 silverstream5428 sir colton vines iii606 smolder6865 sparkler2178 spring melody1047 sprinkle medley1047 stella nova34 strawberry scoop196 sugar flower7 summer meadow150 sundown skies19 sunshine petals51 sunshower raindrops2248 tabasco pepper8 time turner10140 toffee swirl17 tootsie flute590 tornado bolt371 velvet light26 yona4556 changedling7431 changeling41242 classical hippogriff4509 dragon48891 earth pony205569 griffon24421 hippogriff8468 pegasus247037 pony855940 unicorn273606 yak3932 the washouts (episode)1048 apple family member2538 background pony9469 background pony audience340 bleachers189 clones621 colt13314 crowd907 dragoness6929 female1186436 filly59861 friendship student1443 male325036 mare426607 ponies sitting next to each other29 ponies standing next to each other191 rubymash9 shipping184468 so much pony140 stallion94282 straight122246 unnamed pony1955 wall of blue28 wall of tags2534


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Frustration in Excelsis
Notoriously Divine Tagger - Consistently uploads images above and beyond the minimum tag requirements. And/or additionally, bringing over the original description from the source if the image has one. Does NOT apply to the uploader adding several to a dozen tags after originally uploading with minimum to bare tagging.
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Worldbuilding Addict
One thing I'm noticing now, and I'm not sure how long it's been going on: it seems like there are enough background pony designs on file for every member of a medium-sized crowd to have a unique model, unlike the old days where you'd have six or seven models copied over and over to fill in the background of a shot.


I'm not famous.
Every single pony here, save for maybe two or three, has been named by the fandom. We're just too lazy to look up all of the names and tag them all.