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Sombrinda only in a Alternative World not the one with Rinda in the one Alex is with say Nightmare Moon , Sombrashy, Twibra, Lunbra, Celestibra, Chrysombra, Celestibra reversed world Celestia, NightSombra and Sombrapie.

Plus I'll add in Sombra x Radiant Hope whenever Selena makes a Radiant Hope base I'll add her with Sombra.

Hey don't worry everyone Linda is still and always will be with beloved boyfriend Alex Weight

Linda belongs to Me ©

Sombra, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis bases credit goe's to ©

MLP belongs to The Hub, and ©
safe1587718 artist:roseprincessmitia34 fluttershy199878 king sombra12829 nightmare moon15906 pinkie pie204517 princess celestia89858 princess luna94265 queen chrysalis32748 twilight sparkle283991 oc609996 oc:linda6 alicorn199841 canon x oc22224 celestibra313 chrysombra249 evil celestia282 female1228164 king sombra gets all the mares39 lumbra291 male331175 shipping184725 sombramoon48 sombrapie71 sombrashy327 straight122456 twibra301 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116300


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