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The prompt for day 29 was Redraw an earlier piece from the ATG or if you're a veteran artist redraw one of your early pieces / Draw as many of our prompts as possible in one drawing. The delivery now completed, Derpy wraps things up so she can get back home as soon as possible. The original trio now back on the road they ran down earlier, Derpy fills Lyra and Bon Bon in on what they missed while they busy being ice.

I had a tough time figuring out how to integrate this one into the story. This isn't so much a "redraw" as it is a "throwback" to my second submission for the ATG this year. It's the same idea, just in the opposite direction, slowed down, with a more detailed background, and at night. And hopefully better-drawn ponies.
safe1617344 artist:bjdazzle131 amethyst star2391 bon bon15682 derpy hooves48667 dj pon-328441 lyra heartstrings28436 octavia melody22980 sparkler2241 sweetie drops15683 vinyl scratch28442 oc628325 oc:permafrost16 earth pony216580 pegasus257888 pony885078 unicorn285929 windigo602 comic:accidental transit guardians30 atg 2018725 bon bon is not amused1014 bondage31419 bowtie9219 cello2437 chibi13486 comic103432 encasement1406 female1287483 flying35629 frozen305 grumpy2399 ice1145 implied doctor whooves74 implied lesbian3156 implied lyrabon106 implied shipping4565 lamppost328 looking down7598 looking up14868 mare440081 musical instrument8610 newbie artist training grounds5591 pony pulls the wagon21 ponyville5358 pushing756 road trip23 saddle bag5411 speakers683 talking4924 unamused14662 wagon850 walking4317


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