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So I thought who draws the best butts? And the choices kinda came down to aer0zer0blackhole​ and lunarmarshmallows​ . I decided to pick @lunarmarshmallows​ as inspiration this time but god damn this was difficult and didn’t came out as it was supposed to. their style is so complex ugggghh  
Well, more stuff has been learned.  
The background is from something I have drawn a while ago:
explicit397875 artist:duop-qoub520 twilight sparkle324463 alicorn260503 pony1245760 descended twilight182 anatomically correct28030 anus111995 blushing227363 both cutie marks12058 clitoris32381 dock58451 female1535323 nudity429459 ponut51634 puckered asshole3176 scrunchy face7622 sexy35369 solo1209664 stupid sexy twilight1211 style emulation4210 twibutt6815 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134610 vulva150579 vulvar winking14004


not provided yet


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Background Pony #4C5C
That scrunchy nose. I’m loving the embarrassed Twilight look. She should present more often!

Oh dear god that meaty, squishy, fat, thick, folded, wrinkled ponut. We aren’t worthy! You’re seriously an incredible artist.
And I love how thick and large her dock is. Just that extra effort of awesomeness from you!